Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Using the "Leftover" Felt

 They don't call me The Trash to Treasure Teacher for nothing. . .

Here's a craft using the leftover pieces from cutting out the names of my grand daughters for the top of their dress-up boxes.

Any time you've used sticky back felt and have some scraps leftover, consider one of these activities:

1. Peel the pieces from the backing and adhere them to a piece of paper.
2. Turn the shapes into something by drawing and adding to them with a marker or crayons.


1. Look at the leftover shapes and decide if they remind you of something. If they do, arrange them in a way to develop a picture using the pieces.

2. Use marker or crayon to fill in the missing components to the picture.
On the first picture, the shapes made for a silly bunch of imaginary animals.

On the second picture, the one scrap piece looked a lot like a cap and one piece looked like a foot, another like small waves or sand peeks--and the one piece resembled a mustache. I put the pieces in place and then decided on the other features.

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