Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Using the "Leftover" Felt

 They don't call me The Trash to Treasure Teacher for nothing. . .

Here's a craft using the leftover pieces from cutting out the names of my grand daughters for the top of their dress-up boxes.

Any time you've used sticky back felt and have some scraps leftover, consider one of these activities:

1. Peel the pieces from the backing and adhere them to a piece of paper.
2. Turn the shapes into something by drawing and adding to them with a marker or crayons.


1. Look at the leftover shapes and decide if they remind you of something. If they do, arrange them in a way to develop a picture using the pieces.

2. Use marker or crayon to fill in the missing components to the picture.
On the first picture, the shapes made for a silly bunch of imaginary animals.

On the second picture, the one scrap piece looked a lot like a cap and one piece looked like a foot, another like small waves or sand peeks--and the one piece resembled a mustache. I put the pieces in place and then decided on the other features.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Other Dress-up Box

 It was pointed out to me that I said "boxes" (plural) and only showed one dress-up box personalized top in my last post. Therefore, here is the other one. I chose a box with a rooster motif since this family raises chickens and roosters. The bright orange dress and the fact that I could cut out a photo to make it look like the child was actually standing on the rooster's back made for a very happy combination. I followed the same procedure as I'd outlines before, but this time had small sprays of glitter coming from Olivia's fingertips. Also, in order to enhance the box and add a bit more of the bright orange, I made hole punch dots from the dress of a second photograph I had of her in the same jumper. Then, I simply glued the dots at various points in clusters on the yellow background.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dress-up Boxes

The Christmas dress-up boxes for the grand daughters turned into a big hit this year. If you have a little princess who likes to dress up, you might want to start on this project early. It makes a great birthday or Christmas gift. For about six months I looked for items the girls would enjoy wearing. I stored them in my closet while I thought about the presentation. Since there are so many pretty covered boxes on the market, I simply waited until I found two I liked--and used a coupon to buy them at 40% off, of course. The next step was to personalize the prize.

1. On the back (paper side) of a piece of sticky-backed felt, outline the child's name.

2. Cut out around the letters. (For stability, keep the letters connected.)  Bubble letters work well.

3. Slowly peel the back from the felt. 

4. Carefully place the sticky side on the box where you want it. (You only have one chance to get this right, the adhesive is pretty strong.)

5. Outline the letters in glitter
    glue. Allow to dry.

    6. To personalize the dress-up box even more, I chose a photo of the child, printed it out and sprayed it twice with a thin coat of hair spray. (Allowing it to dry between coats.) This gave the photo more durability. I carefully cut away all the excess from the photo and glued the child's picture to the top of the box. In this case, I chose a picture of the child in her Halloween costume and drew a wand in her hand. By adding a glitter starburst to the end of the wand, it appears she is adding the glitter to her name.
Inside the box she'll find (just to name a few things): silly sunglasses, tiaras, dress-up clothing, a boa, gloves, purses filled with necklaces and bracelets and tu-tus, of course.