Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Making Connections

Hi! Just returned from a really nice conference at the Space Coast Writers' Guild (Melbourne, FL.)  I had to hobble around in a "pump boot" because of a stress fracture to my right foot, but it didn't stop me from doing my presentations and also enjoying several one-on-one meetings with agents and editors. If you're contemplating attending a conference as a writer, artist or blogger or curious spectator--jump right in. (Or hobble right in.) Even if you've already had some success in your writing and art, getting together with like minded folks and listening to the wonderful workshop speakers is well work the cost of admission. As much as we all love the creative process, remember that writing and art is also a business--use every opportunity you can to share your creative genius with others and develop more skill and more audience.  Have fun!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Faces on the Walls

I draw caricatures. I'm not like a Disney artist who can whip a likeness out in a few minutes. My caricatures are more mini sketches that include a lot of the subject's interests. My husband and I sometimes give them for gifts. Often it's hard to part with one since I've put so much time into the piece. Well, I decided to take each caricature that I complete to a copy center and make a copy for myself. Of course, the thought then is: What do you do with the copy? I found that instead of borders or wallpaper in our "Cowboy Room," it would be a good idea to use the copies for decoration. It worked, as many of them are themed to go with our SASS cowboy activities. I've enjoyed "visiting with our friends" on a regular basis in the form of their likenesses.

Mixing It Up!

For awhile I've been devoting my blog to my crafts ideas to do with kids, but I realize that a blog is very much like a diary of different things. So, while I'm still going to post easy crafts, I'm going to "mix it up" with some great photos and some reflections. This week, for example, I walked out into my back yard and thought about a statement  folks make all the time about our Florida seasons--or lack thereof. Well, I found myself saying aloud, "Who says we don't have seasons?" Then, I snapped a picture and remembered I'd snapped one of the same area in the summer. Okay, so we only have "sorta" two seasons--summer and not summer. But, if you watch closely, you'll see lots of changes and beauty in those two seasons.
Mediation bench in summer.
Mediation bench in Winter.