Friday, January 20, 2012

Mixing It Up!

For awhile I've been devoting my blog to my crafts ideas to do with kids, but I realize that a blog is very much like a diary of different things. So, while I'm still going to post easy crafts, I'm going to "mix it up" with some great photos and some reflections. This week, for example, I walked out into my back yard and thought about a statement  folks make all the time about our Florida seasons--or lack thereof. Well, I found myself saying aloud, "Who says we don't have seasons?" Then, I snapped a picture and remembered I'd snapped one of the same area in the summer. Okay, so we only have "sorta" two seasons--summer and not summer. But, if you watch closely, you'll see lots of changes and beauty in those two seasons.
Mediation bench in summer.
Mediation bench in Winter. 

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