Thursday, August 4, 2011

More Mini Gift Cards

Choose a card with a pretty front.

Love those beautiful cards folks send, but hate to throw them away? Here's yet another way to recycle them. Choose a part of the card without writing--usually the front. 1. Trim a rectangle or square from the front. 2. Score the rectangle or square so that will fold easily.
3. Fold it and enjoy your mini card. These look especially cute on small packages just be sure to make the mini card large enough to write a tiny message inside. This particular card also had a nice, simple greeting at the top front. I cut it the saying out in a teardrop shape, made a hole for hanging and laced a gold cord through it. Now it will make a cute attachment to a bottle of wine neck or to a bud vase neck when I want to thank a friend for a kindness.
Score using a straight edge.

Two free mini cards from one card front!