Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tag-It People! 

Bread, fruit, or veggie bag closure tags have an interesting flat shape. They are easy to come by and make cute little "Tag-it People." The best part is--they're free! Collect some tags and get some fine-tipped permanent markers. The tag points can be used as the "legs" of the Tag-it. Or, turn it upside-down and make the tag points look like pulled up pigtails. Look at some of the examples on the green board below and come up with some interesting Tag-its of your own. Tag-its are cute and positive little people you can use to "tag" someone and show them you care. Because of their shape, Tag-its will hook onto the bottom of a T-shirt, a belt loop or edge of a garment.
1. Most tags are plain. This one had a
paper attachment so I used it. 

2. Color both sides of the paper .

3. Cut the strip from edge to tag.

4. Add details to the tag to make a Tag-it Person.

5. Curl the strips to make "hair."

6. Just a few of my collection of Tag-its along with plain ones ready to be inked. 
Tag-its are not intended for small children. Keep small items like this away from children under 3 yrs. of age. 

If you create an especially cute Tag-it, please send it to my blog so that I can post it.