Thursday, July 4, 2013

Mini Picture Frames

Recently I received a piece of jewelry and hated to think of throwing away the cute little hinged box it came in. (Okay, I have "recycling" in my blood. It must be part of my DNA. I don't like to throw things away--especially if I can find another way to repurpose them.)

Anyway, I turned the hinged box over in my hand a few times and then realized that when it sat sideways it looked like a little picture frame. I removed the inside silky lining and cut a picture to fit in one side and made up a little verse for the other side. Of course, two pictures inside would have been nice too. Once the box is turned over on its side, it sits nicely on a flat surface. Kiddos will especially like that the box can close on its hinge and hide the picture(s) inside. That makes for even more fun. Decorate the outside with markers, or glue on plastic "gems" or foamy pieces to make the picture frame unique.