Friday, January 20, 2012

Faces on the Walls

I draw caricatures. I'm not like a Disney artist who can whip a likeness out in a few minutes. My caricatures are more mini sketches that include a lot of the subject's interests. My husband and I sometimes give them for gifts. Often it's hard to part with one since I've put so much time into the piece. Well, I decided to take each caricature that I complete to a copy center and make a copy for myself. Of course, the thought then is: What do you do with the copy? I found that instead of borders or wallpaper in our "Cowboy Room," it would be a good idea to use the copies for decoration. It worked, as many of them are themed to go with our SASS cowboy activities. I've enjoyed "visiting with our friends" on a regular basis in the form of their likenesses.

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