Monday, December 27, 2010

The Other Dress-up Box

 It was pointed out to me that I said "boxes" (plural) and only showed one dress-up box personalized top in my last post. Therefore, here is the other one. I chose a box with a rooster motif since this family raises chickens and roosters. The bright orange dress and the fact that I could cut out a photo to make it look like the child was actually standing on the rooster's back made for a very happy combination. I followed the same procedure as I'd outlines before, but this time had small sprays of glitter coming from Olivia's fingertips. Also, in order to enhance the box and add a bit more of the bright orange, I made hole punch dots from the dress of a second photograph I had of her in the same jumper. Then, I simply glued the dots at various points in clusters on the yellow background.

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