Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Critique Group

Yesterday my critique group met. Anyone who is serious about writing should consider being in a critique group. It helps to have the insight of other writers who understand and respect your genre. By meeting regularly, you stay on track, edit your work in a timely fashion, and see your writing from different perspectives.

I'm blessed to be in a small group that really 'clicks.' I came home and couldn't wait to 'tweak' what we'd reviewed in the group. The suggestions and changes may have been small, but they were like the Little Bear's bowl of porridge--they were "just right."

The work I'm having critiqued is a chapter book (approximately for grades 4-6). This is the first one I've written for this age level. While I've finished an edited first draft, it's not really complete. Having several sets of eyes review and critique it has proven to be invaluable. It's coming along nicely. I hope to be able to send it out to a publisher in the next six months.

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