Friday, September 17, 2010

Clean-Up Day

The fun part of doing conferences is the presentation; the work part is the clean-up. I find myself getting distracted with new ideas and adding to the file for a particular craft/activity. This makes putting things away in a timely manner even more challenging. But, as with all of us "multi-task"folks, it all manages to get done. (It just doesn't always look organized to the outside observer.) A real plus is that each time I put things away, I do discover better ways of storage and while I'm tidying up, it gives me time to reflect on the presentation itself.

Since my craft workshops require so many "throw-away" items, there's a lot of "good junk" to be stored so I'll have enough items on hand for the next large group instruction. (My neighbors know where to get their hands on 100 empty paper towel rolls in a hurry if they need them.)

Today, I've managed to clean up the files, store an additional 200 texture squares, put most of the stuff away and rescue the guest room bed that had been buried under boxes. All in all, a good day. Now I'm ready for the next time I need to put on the hat of the "Trash to Treasure Teacher." (I do love 'before' and 'after' pictures.  Don't you?)

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  1. Would you come to my house and do your magic in my office/quilt room? I guess I need to take the before picture and hopefully in a week I'll be able to take the after picture!