Sunday, September 19, 2010

Busy Weekend

Gulf Fritillary
The weekend was busy--mostly helping to make a Halloween costume.

I visited with two of our grandkids also. That always makes me smile--they're such a blessing. Besides giving my grandson an art lesson, I worked on some paintings and sketches for paintings I hope to complete soon.

It seemed like I was in the kitchen a lot this weekend. I'd found a wonderful recipe for a breakfast bread and I just had to try it. Yummy!

Time in the garden is a weekend must, of course. Summer will soon be over; I want to enjoy the butterflies a while longer. Sometimes I simply walk around in the yard and soak up the beauty of Florida. My favorite "outside place" is my butterfly garden and a meditation bench I have under a nest of trees. Taking pictures of the many kinds of butterflies in our yard has gotten to be a little side hobby.

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