Tuesday, April 3, 2012

More Fun with Symmetry and Hole Punches

 Take a piece of paper, any color, any size and fold it. When you hold the fold, no matter what you cut, you will have symmetry when it is opened.

Here I've cut a simple butterfly shape. Of course, I did not throw away the "outline" since it will be part of the final piece of art.

Using the hole punch (yes, one of my favorite tools!) make some hole punches along the spine. Again, fold the critter or shape you made again before making the punches and you'll have symmetry there too.

In this case, I wanted the holes to be elongated so I made one hole and then
made a second one on top of the first hole, but slightly past it, so that the shape was a little more interesting than a simple single punch.

I opened the butterfly to see if I was happy with the holes down the spine. I decided that adding a hole close to the "tail" would make it appear to have a spiked end so I folded the butterfly again and created the tail. While the
butterfly was still folded, the hole punch was used to enhance the tips of the wings.

Once opened and satisfied with the result, I placed it on a white piece of paper. Lastly I took the outline and placed it on the white paper above the butterfly.

I used some scraps from other projects to make some red hole-punch dots to add contrast to my final picture.

I have several colors and sizes of hole-punch dots that I save in containers. (Check the archived posts to see an easy way to store dots.) When I want to add dots of another color, it's easy to simply pull out my saved dots and experiment with them.

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