Saturday, February 19, 2011

Make Your Own Glitter and Add it to a Shape

Roll the wrapper.
 Any shiny candy wrapper will do. After you have wiped off any extra chocolate or residue, simply roll the wrapper. Cut into the folds to make a sort of pom-pom. Then, cut across the pom-pom tails and catch the cut pieces in a lid. Scoop all the pieces into an empty, clear container until you're ready to use them. When you're ready to use the glitter, simply put down some glue and shake out some of the glitter onto it. Allow it to dry. Here I have put some of the glitter onto a heart shape that I cut out of the side of an old envelope.
Cut the wrapper into a small pom-pom shape.

Cut across the long pieces and catch the glitter in a lid.
Shake the glitter into a clean, empty, clear container.

Use the glitter to decorate a shape you've cut out. 

Here is the green heart shape decorated with homemade glitter. 

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