Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hole Punch Dot Fun

Crafting with young children is a lot of fun. Additionally, crafts are a great way to help little ones develop their fine motor skills. A fun, easy, creative and inexpensive craft idea is to make hole-punch dot pictures.

Simply provide a lot of hole-punch dots, glue and paper. (For younger children, put some glue in a jar lid and give them a cotton swab so that they can apply glue with more controlled dots.) [Note: Always cover a work area with newspaper.] Apply glue dots. Shake some hole-punch dots onto the paper and the glue will accept them. Or, ask the child to place hole-punch dots on the dots of glue, one by one.

Here are two examples of dots glued to paper. The one on the left shows glue and dots arranged to form a picture. The one beside it shows dots placed randomly on paper. For more ideas on using hole-punch dots, check out my book, Little Hands--Create! p. 10 "Hole-Punch Magic."(Williamson--an Ideals Publication.)

Now, let's store more dots to use another time. Using scraps of bright-colored paper, allow the child to practice using a hole-punch. Scoop up the punches and keep them for future projects. They can be kept in an envelope. But, why not store them in a way that shows the colors? I keep hole-punch dots in empty mint containers or in empty medicine bottles. (above, right) (I also keep the scraps that have holes in them. They look great in a collage.) Have fun!

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  1. Mary, you are way ahead of me. I finished my Tic Tacs and peeled off the label and wondered, hmmm, what would Mary do with this? You already had it figured out. I'll have to try this with my grandsons.